Create a colorful time around with the dress. Important Women golfers do not ignore.

Create a colorful time around with the dress. Important Women golfers do not ignore.

For women and golf, yesterday we discussed good reasons. With playing golf As for today, we will talk about the things that women golfers do not lose with golf. That is fashion, dress And accessories that women like us That likes each other as a life Even though we love playing golf, how much? But the beauty is not dissolved or imperfect. Because all these things create a bright color for your round trip If ladies golfers do not think to take care of themselves or find the jewelry or dress that you wear and make you confident and lively, it may indirectly result in your golf confidence please

As mentioned earlier What you should pay attention to besides golfing is to dress and take care of yourself. Golfing is a sport that is always about dressing. How to walk, sweat, but the clothes will come stained or the shirt is out of the pants that will not be seen because, as far as watching or according to statistics, still not see any golfer, take the shirt off the pants themselves, both women and men. How tired of carrying a golf bag, everything must be perfect.
Therefore, ladies golfers should take care and pay attention to the dress code and finding accessories to suit the sport you love. Today we have the ladies golfers dress to present to ladies, try to change or add more appropriate to see.

First, the golf set can fit both skirts and pants. As in this period, it may be a short leg. You may try to find it according to the shape. If you have long legs, do not worry about wearing both types. But if you do not have a big thigh, it may change into a shorts that do not need to be tight because it may not allow you to walk or swing. Next is the accessory story. Whether it be hats, glasses, gloves and earrings Like a hat, you should focus on the shape of your head, what kind you wear, then find the color that matches the dress you wear around that day. Do not wear colors that are very contrasting because it may make it look too prominent or easy to say. That is, it may not be compatible until it looks ugly.

Next is the shoes. Now, ladies golf shoes have a lot to come out and most are beautiful. I would like to find a light tone color because it will be convenient when choosing to wear the dress that you are going to round out. Looking for a place to wear, you can walk comfortably, not hurt your feet, because when you go out, you have to walk a long distance. Later, the golf bag was really amazing. For ladies golfers Because if we will observe well Nowadays, golf bags have a beautiful shape. And designed in the most modern If it’s a woman, it’s very cute. Focus on the pink as well as the rest, depending on the preference of what to bring or decorate your own golf bag. But most importantly, remember to keep your golf bag clean. This is important. This is what today we would like to present to golfers to try and use, if these things are useful and there is enough to help you to use it. For today, Thai Golf Guru would like to leave before meeting again. Hello.

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